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City Of Joburg Anti Fraud
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City Of Joburg Anti Fraud

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Africa Should Develop Its Own Electric Vehicle Agenda

EDNA ODHIAMBO THE future of transportation appears to be electric. More and more people across the globe are opting for electric vehicles and the industry...

UN Says 11 Europe-bound Migrants Drown Off Libya

AT LEAST 11 people drowned Sunday when a rubber dinghy carrying two dozen Europe-bound migrants capsized off Libya, the U.N. migration agency said. It...

Why Renewable Energy Won’t End Energy Poverty In Zimbabwe

ZIMBABWE is one of the African countries that hopes renewable energy technologies will help to address their energy problems. About 42% of Zimbabwe’s households...

Malawi Scraps ‘Unconstitutional’ Death Penalty

MALAWI’S highest court on Wednesday outlawed the death penalty and ordered the re-sentencing of all convicts facing execution. Capital punishment has long been mandatory in Malawi for...

Two Spanish Journalists Killed In Burkina Faso Attack: Spain Prime Minister

TWO Spanish journalists who went missing earlier this week in eastern Burkina Faso were killed in an ambush, Spain’s government has confirmed. The two Spaniards,...

U.K. Sanctions Gupta Brothers Over South African Corruption

U.K. Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab will impose sanctions against three Gupta brothers who were previously accused of being in a corrupt relationship with former...

Rival Groups Clash In Somali Capital Over President’s Mandate

GUNFIRE erupted in Somalia’s capital on Sunday between security forces loyal to the government and others angry at the country’s leader as tensions spiked...

UN: Tigray’s Humanitarian Crisis Worsens, No Eritrean Exit

THE U.N. humanitarian chief warned Thursday that the grave humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia’s embattled Tigray region is deteriorating, with no sign of Eritrean troops...


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