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City Of Joburg Anti Fraud
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City Of Joburg Anti Fraud

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After months in lockdown, a weary world is ready to dance

EVEN in the depths of the pandemic -- even when the world locked down, leaving billions isolated and desolated -- there were those who...

What’s the latest advice on the type of mask I should wear?

What’s the latest advice on the type of mask I should wear? It depends on your situation, but health officials say it should cover...

Trisha Yearwood’s recipe for fried apple fritters

TRISH YEARWOOD My dad, Jack, used to reminisce about small fried apple fritters that his mother, Elizabeth, would make for him when he was a...

Advice shifting on aspirin use for preventing heart attacks

Older adults without heart disease shouldn’t take daily low-dose aspirin to prevent a first heart attack or stroke, an influential health guidelines group said...

Noodle bowls show Vietnam’s contrasting flavors

After eating our way through Vietnam, it became clear that contrast was one of the defining features of the cuisine. Tender and crunchy. Spicy...

Bosnian makes rotating house a monument of love for his wife

IT’S not exactly on par with India’s Taj Mahal, but a family house in a small town in northern Bosnia is in its own...

Instagram and teens: How to keep your kids safe

FOR many parents, revelations this week from whistleblower Frances Haugen showing internal Facebook studies of the harms of Instagram for teenagers only intensified concerns...

Best restaurants in the world including one new entry from South Africa

THE best restaurant in the world is Noma. Once again. It has won the award four times in the past. The world’s most famous...


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