Blade Nzimande. Photo: Photo: SACP via Twitter

THE ANC’s poor electoral performance was directly connected to the lack of principled unity and cohesion, the South African Communist Party said on Sunday following its first plenary of its central committee after municipal polls.

SACP’s general secretary Dr Blade Nzimande said, among others, factionalism, infighting for positions, gatekeeping, and the continuing marginalisation of Alliance partners by some structures badly affected the ANC’s performance.

During the recent municipal polls, the ANC dropped below 50% support nationally.

The party could only attain a majority in two metros, Buffalo City and Mangaung, as it lost its majority in eThekwini and it failed to gain a majority again in Nelson Mandela Bay, Johannesburg, Ekurhuleni and Tshwane.

“Arrogance also remained intact in many areas. The emergence of a parasitic petty bourgeoisie who are preying on municipal budgets to pursue their private wealth accumulation agendas compounded the arrogant attitude,” said Nzimande.

“The parasitic petty bourgeoisie established connections with corrupt officials mainly, but not only, in supply chain management or tender processes. Some of these elements are within our own broad movement.”

Nzimande said similar tendencies existed in upper spheres of the government and state organisation.

“In renewing the ANC, we must tackle these tendencies and disrupt the corrupt connections between public sector officials and the parasitic and bureaucratic bourgeoisie,” said Nzimande.

“This is a key task facing the SACP, the working-class and progressive sections of our movement and broad society.”

Nzimande said the ANC needed to renew itself organisationally and politically, unify and ensure that the governments it led at all levels served the people diligently and capably.

He warned that the ANC’s renewal could not just be a moralistic issue but had to be based on a programme, including rejecting neoliberalism and putting people before profits.

Nzimande said it was imperative to strengthen organising the working-class and other progressive forces to ensure that the government at all levels served the people wholeheartedly and delivered quality services.

”Instead of bureaucratic opposition, a mass-based mobilisation to hold the government to account is crucial to be led from within the alliance. The SACP will actively play that role,” he promised.

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