Bob Woodward's upcoming book on Donald Trump.

BOB Woodward’s last book Rage brought the damaging revelation that, weeks before eventually declaring a national emergency, President Donald Trump knew the coronavirus was airborne, highly contagious, and deadly—but that he wanted to “play it down” to avoid a national panic among Americans.

Now, Trump is going to have to brace for more following Woodward’s announcement that he’ll be taking another swing at the outgoing president in his next book.

According to Axios, the reporter is teaming up with The Washington Post’s Robert Costa for a book on the dying days of the Trump presidency and the messy transition to President-elect Joe Biden.

There’s no title or publication date yet, but Woodward said he’s excited about the project, saying: “We’re two pure reporters—what happened and why—and this is a perfect landscape for that kind of work.”

(SOURCE: Daily Beast)


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