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Calls for COPE leader Mosiuoa Lekota to step down intensifies

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MEMBERS of the Congress of the People (COPE) Constituency Congress Committees in Gauteng have called for the party’s president, Mosiuoa Lekota, to step down.

This comes after a July meeting addressing challenges of growth, rebuilding and renewal in the party.

COPE’s Ekurhuleni Secretary Mxolisi Ntobela says though the party still respects its leader, there is consensus that Lekota has not shown the strong leadership he did in the past, and in so doing has violated the constitution of COPE.

Lekota is, furthermore, accused of meddling in the selection of the party’s councillors.
Ntombela explains that the leader has had conflicting interested when it comes to the selection of councillors.

“It is him who wrote the affidavit on the 19th to support the removal of Comrade Khalipa supporting comrade Thomas Mofokeng, by doing so we are saying that he cannot be conflicted as a leader of the party,” explains Ntombela.

Spokesperson for COPE Dennis Bloem said that this unfortunate situation could have been avoided if Lekota heeded to leadership’s advice on the matter.

“Mr Lekota could have avoided this situation if he was willing to listen to advise, his deputy president comrade Willie Madisha, the secretary for election comrade, Mzwandile Hleko, and myself spoke to President Lekota and advised him to say that he is no longer the energetic “Terror” Lekota. He must consider retiring because his health is also not on his side anymore but Comrade Lekota did not want to listen to this advice.”

Lekota said those calling for him to step down as party president and a member of Parliament are in breach of several parts of the party’s constitution.

“I don’t know these people. Our party has got a constitution and there are particular steps that have to be followed if anybody wants to do anything like that, but these people are not members of our party. I don’t know them,” Lekota said.

Leadership battles are not new to COPE.

In 2013, the party saw a conflict which sowed divisions in the organisation between Mbhazima Shilowa and Lekota.


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