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Zimbabwe Opposition MDC leader Nelson Chamisa has joined mass calls for the electoral body in the Democratic Republic of Congo to announce results of last Sunday’s chaotic elections. 

In a Facebook post on Sunday morning, Chamisa challenges the commission in the DRC not to emulate acts of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, ZEC, which he accuses of rigging last year’s elections against him.

“The DRC Electoral body must release “accurate” results timely and not undermine the voice of the Congolese people. Kudos to the DRC Catholic Church bishops for standing with the truth.What ZEC did in Zimbabwe must never be a script worthy emulating. Africa change,excel and shine,” said Chamisa. 

Chaos has hit the Southern Africa country since the run up to the election held last Sunday whose results have been withheld prompting intervention of the UN Security Council that has led in the call for the results to be released. 

The Catholic church in the country has meanwhile released a statement claiming that an opposition candidate has won the election. Government has in the meantime cut off all internet and radio access in the country. 

SOURCE: Zim Eye News


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