DA's provincial leader Nqaba Bhanga elected mayor of the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro.

THE Eastern Cape DA leader Nqaba Bhanga has been elected as the new executive mayor of Nelson Mandela Bay following a chaotic and dramatic council meeting on Friday night, including an alleged kidnapping attempt targeting the speaker.

Bhanga resigned from the provincial legislature early this year, to pursue the position.

During the council meeting, a group of men understood to be security officials, forced the speaker, Buyelwa Mafaya, out of the council chamber.

Opposition councillors say the men were trying to stop the election of the mayor.

The council says the matter is being dealt with by police.

Bhanga has accused parolee and controversial former ANC councillor Andile Lungisa of instigating chaos and violent acts at the council.

“The two guards who removed the Speaker are attached to Andile Lungisa. He was sitting outside. He has broken his parole conditions. A case will be opened against him with the police,” said Bhanga.

Lungisa denied Bhanga’s claims.

“I was not at the council. He is puppet of the DA. I watched the proceedings like ordinary citizens in the Nelson Mandela Metro Bay from far. I am not a Holy Spirit and cannot be everywhere,” said Lungisa.



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