EFF Calls For The Closure of All Clicks Stores in South Africa.

THE Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has called for the temporary closure of all Clicks stores as from Monday until Saturday, the party said in a statement.

This follows a social media outrage after an image of a black woman’s hair was labelled ‘dry and damaged’ while the image of the hair of a white woman was labelled ‘fine and flat’.

“This is because we are of the view that they are not genuine with their apology and the only way to make capitalists apologize and feel genuine remorse is for them to lose money. If Clicks does not close our members in all the branches will shut down all 880 clicks outlets across the country from Monday 7 to Friday,” the party said in a statement issued on Sunday.

Clicks later removed the images and posted an apology.

However, EFF has since dismissed Clicks’ apology as ‘condescending’ and said it showed ‘no remorse for their attack on the dignity of black people’.

“We had written to Clicks with direct demands in order to remedy their racist act and given them a 24-hour deadline to respond. Their response to our letter was nothing short of condescending and revealed a lack of remorse for their attack on the dignity of black people,” the party said in a statement.

“Clicks participated in the public dehumanising of black people through an advert which presented the hair of black women as damaged in comparison to white hair which is described as normal, fine and flat.”



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