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Eskom To Suspend Load Shedding

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ESKOM said on Sunday that it would suspend load shedding at 9pm on Sunday night.

The country has been hit with stage 2 power cuts since Saturday night.

Eskom is anticipating to return to service approximately 4 100MW of generation capacity by Monday evening, which will further ease the capacity constraints. 

Spokesperson Sikonathi Mantshantsha said some power stations were experiencing problems.

“At Medupi power station, the coal supply has normalised and a generating unit has returned to service. While the Kendall ash plant has returned to full operation, unfortunately this station has suffered the failure of two generating units,” Mantshantsha said.

Eskom said that it has had to make extensive use of energy reserves, and needs to recover these for the week ahead.

 “This load shedding is due to a failure of a generation unit each at Kusile, Medupi and Arnot power stations, as well as a delay of a unit returning to service at Tutuka power station,” Eskom said.

“In addition to the above, the failure of the coal conveyors at Medupi led to reduced output at the station. While this has since been rectified, it will take some time to recover the full operations.”

“Total breakdowns have increased to 14,727MW while planned maintenance is 6,711MW of capacity as we continue with the reliability maintenance,” it said.

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