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FILM producer and businessman Steve Bing killed himself after years of depression and financial troubles, reports say.

The 55-year-old, who previously dated actress and model Liz Hurley, was found outside a luxury apartment building in Century City, California at 1pm on Monday.

On Tuesday, the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner’s Office said the death was the result of multiple blunt trauma by suicide.

Bing was best known as an investor in films including The Polar Express and Beowulf, and he was also credited as a producer in Sylvester Stallone remake Get Carter.

He dropped out of Stanford University aged 18 after receiving a $600million inheritance from a real estate developer grandfather, and went on to co-found media company Shangri-La Entertainment.

Despite Bing’s outward success, friends have said he had been going through “a dark time for years”, PageSix reported.

“Steve was the most charming, caring and generous guy you could ever meet,” one source said.

“[But] he talked about battling mental illness, bipolar disorder.

“His close friends are devastated about his death but, sadly, not surprised.”

“Steve did have a drug problem, but it was the mental issues that tormented him. He would often disappear for long periods of time.

“And, as surprising as this sounds, he had financial problems in the end. He made a lot of ill-advised investments.”

The source also said Bing regretted that his relationship with his children was not stronger.

He fathered daughter Kira Bonder, 21, with former tennis player Lisa Bonder and son Damian Hurley, 18, with Liz Hurley.

He reportedly denied being father to Damian, born in 2002, until a DNA test confirmed paternity.

Following Bing’s death, Hurley posted a tribute to Instagram, saying the pair had “become close again” over the past year.

“I am saddened beyond belief that my ex Steve is no longer with us,” she wrote.

“It is a terrible end. Our time together was very happy and I’m posting these pictures because although we went through some tough times, it’s the good, wonderful memories of a sweet, kind man that matter.”

(Source: The Irish Sun)


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