Zuma Accuses Ngoako Ramatlhodi Of Being An Apartheid-Era Spy

Former President Jacob Zuma has alleged that former minister Ngoako Ramatlhodi was an apartheid-era spy.

Zuma claimed Ramathlodi was recruited by apartheid regime during his student days in Lesotho.

He told the commission that was why Ramatlhodi found it comfortable to come to the commission and accuse him of auctioning the country.

“What an exaggeration from a lawyer. He can’t even substantiate [what I auctioned]. Did I auction Table Mountain or Johannesburg?” Zuma asked.

Ramatlhodi, a former mineral resources minister, has meanwhile challenged Zuma to provide proof that he was ever an apartheid spy.

He added that he was “very much ready” to subject himself to a lie detector test – and would challenge Zuma to do the same. 

Zuma also claimed to have a list of other spies, but did not name them.

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