‘I Have Been Respectful To People, But That Takes A Backseat Now’ – Zuma Hints Of More To Come At #StateCaptureInquiry

In what is perhaps a sign of things to come, former president Jacob Zuma told the #StateCaptureInquiry that “I have been over provoked with people saying things about me because they know I’m not going to revenge.”

But Zuma has apparently changed his stance, saying, “I have been respectful to people, but now that takes a backseat.”

Zuma also detailed a systematic attempt over the years to “assassinate his character,” and entrench what he says is an “anti-Zuma narrative.”

He said that he has has loads of intelligence at his disposal, but that he manages it responsibly.

“Some people know for a fact that I know some things about them… I lived with people who don’ t know I know things about them,” SA’s former president said.

Zuma emphasized: I have been patient… but I have been provoked to the last degree.”

Zuma also alleges that there is plot to kill him.

“Just recently there was a function in Durban… They wanted to murder me inside the stadium. They planned to murder me… What saved my life is because I did not go there.”

He added that “suicide bombers had been hired to assassinate him in Durban.”

Justice Raymond Zondo listening to Jacob Zuma’s statement.

“The plan to kill me in Durban was detailed, detailed.”

Jacob Zuma

And in a kind of veiled indication that there is more to come, Zuma said:
“I have been respectful to people, but now that takes a backseat.”

“Some of the things you dealing with are very big and very deep,” Zuma told the #StateCaptureInquiry.

Zuma said there has been a “conspiracy” against him which has “come in different forms,” culminating in the #StateCaptureInquiry and him being asked to testify before it.

“I will connect the dots date back to a decade and show why I have found myself here,” he says.

“Some people forget I was a president,” Zuma added.

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