Mpho Phalatse, DA mayoral candidate in Joburg. PHOTO: Sowetan

THE DA is calling for the City of Joburg mayor Mpho Moerane to resign after Eskom and City Power exposed him as a liar, the party’s Joburg mayoral candidate Mpho Phalatse. said on Monday

This comes after Eskom and City Power have agreed on efforts to protect the national grid, while also reducing the impact of load-shedding on Johannesburg residents and businesses.

At the weekend, City Power had initially said it would not implement load-shedding, as it had secured additional power supply from private generator, the Kelvin power station.

However, following talks between Eskom and City Power, the municipal entity has agreed to implement the directive of Eskom.

“This was absolutely nothing more than a cheap, shallow and inconsiderate election stunt by the ANC. In a media statement yesterday, I exposed this lie and laid bare the facts of how it was impossible for City Power to offset loadshedding using additional supply from the Kelvin Power Station,” said Phalatse.

“The confusion around whether residents would experience loadshedding or not, was unnecessary and selfish. This once again proves the ANC’s inability to govern effectively, and rely only on blatant election lies as a last ditch effort to win votes.”

She said the DA called on Moerane to resign for this terrible failure of responsible leadership.

“This is not a man worthy of the role of Mayor,” said Phalatse.

City Power earlier this month entered into a renewed power purchase agreement with the Kelvin power station, while also increasing its offtake by 100 MW.

Technical teams from both City Power and Eskom will continue to consider the technical aspects of the Kelvin power station and verify the additional capacity that can be added to the national grid.

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