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Makashule Gana latest black leader to quit the DA

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MEMBER of the Gauteng legislature Makashule Gana has announced that he has resigned from the Democratic Alliance (DA).

In a statement, Gana said: “Today, I have resigned as a member of the DA and as a member of the Gauteng legislature. I am resigning to join an emerging generation of leaders and activists committed to mobilising and organising to return power to the people of South Africa.”

“I leave the DA with a clear conscience, no regrets, and a cemented sense of purpose and calling to serve the country. I am grateful to my colleagues – activists, members, staff and public representatives – with whom I have shared two decades of hard, yet fulfilling work. I wish them well in the future.”

Gana joined the DA as a student when he was just 19.

He’s been a member for 20 years and held various positions, including Deputy Federal Chairperson.

Gana said he’s grateful for his colleagues and achievements at the DA but feels it’s time to leave.

“For the last 20 years, I have served as an activist, member and leader in the DA. I had the honour of serving as the DA Youth leader, deputy federal chairperson, MPL Network chairperson and campaign manager for several elections, including Midvaal 2016. In the last 13 years, I had the honour of serving the people of South Africa through the DA as a councillor in Johannesburg, a member of parliament in the National Assembly, national council of provinces and the Gauteng provincial legislature,” he said.


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