Morocco's King Mohammed VI.


JOHANNESBURG: MALI’s new military leader Colonel Assimi Goita has thanked Moroccan King Mohammed VI for his active support towards solving Bamako’s political crises.

According to Moroccoworldnews, Colonel Goita, the head of the National Committee for the Salvation of the People (CNSP), the entity in charge of leading Mali, received the representative of Morocco at the military base of Kati. The military base was the site of a military mutiny that directly organized the coup and currently serves as a new power centre for the military leadership.

Moroccan media reports that the Morocco’s ambassador in Mali, Hassan Naciri was the first diplomat to make contact with the country’s junta leaders since 18 August coup.

CNSP leader Colonel Assimi Goita and Ambassador Naciri discussed the elections. Morocco’s state media reported that Goita expressed his “deep gratitude” for King Mohammed VI and Morocco’s crisis resolution efforts. CNSP leadership earlier talked to the media that that they are going to “ensure the continuity of the state and public services.”

The Malian army emphasized that they are not interested in retaining power but CNSP rather seeks a “civil political transition” and credible general elections to exercise democracy “through a roadmap that will lay the foundations for a new Mali.”, Moroccoworldnews reported.

During the meeting, Goita expressed his “deep gratitude” for King Mohammed VI, praised Rabat’s  century old diplomatic relationship with Mali and Morocco’s crisis resolution efforts, according to Morocco’s state media.

Following the Mali’s coup, Morocco’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs called for a “peaceful civil transition, allowing a rapid and supervised return to constitutional order.”



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