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President Offers Condolences On The Loss Of Life In Eastern Cape Floods

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President Cyril Ramaphosa offered his deep condolences to families in the Eastern Cape who have lost loved ones to floods that have affected Nelson Mandela Bay, Buffalo City, Kariega and other parts of the province.

Seven people were confirmed dead in the Kariega (Uitenhage) area following heavy rains in Nelson Mandela Bay on Saturday. About 1100 people were displaced as the floods destroyed homes. 

Ramaphosa said his thoughts were also with the families of residents who have been reported missing.

“The loss of life, destruction of public infrastructure and the loss of personal property brought about by the forces of nature saddens all of us as South Africans.

“The aftermath of these occurrences is best overcome when we work together in the way we are seeing in the Eastern Cape,” Ramaphosa said.

Ramaphosa commended the way in which authorities, communities, non-governmental organisations and individuals are dealing with rescue and recovery efforts, including the rehousing of a significant number of families who have been displaced.

Given the potential impacts of the winter season on various parts of the country, Ramaphosa urged the public to keep safe by heeding weather alerts and exercising greater care and restraint on the roads in poor weather conditions.

The government also called on citizens to reach out to vulnerable members of their families and communities, to make “this season as comfortable and safe as possible for people who have limited resources or live on their own.”


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