President Cyril Ramaphosa at O R Tambo Building, DIRCO, in Pretoria. [Photo: GCIS]

PRESIDENT Cyril Ramaphosa has called on developed nations to play their part in reducing emissions to ease the burden on developing countries.

The president was speaking at a two-day global summit on climate change hosted by US President Joe Biden, which also included participation from Nigeria, Kenya, Gabon and the DRC.

“We call on developed economies, which historically bear the greatest responsibility for emissions, to meet their responsibilities to developing economies,” said Ramaphosa.

“This will be vital to restoring the bonds of trust between developed and developing economies”

Ramaphosa also pleaded with the developed nations such US, China and the United Kingdom not to provide climate change aid in the form of loans.

“It is important that aid on climate change should be provided separately, and should not be part of conventional development assistance. When it is given in the form of loan financing the debt burden of developing countries is worsened,” said Ramaphosa. 

He said South Africa is more than ready to work with developed nations to meet the goals of the Paris Climate Accord.

Ramaphosa assured world leaders that the country’s emissions would begin to decline from 2025, effectively shifting South Africa’s emissions to decline 10 years earlier than predicted. 

“With regard to our energy resources, we plan to build capacity to generate over 17 gigawatts of renewable energy by 2030,” he said. 

“We remain committed to contributing our fair share to reduce global emissions, and to do so in the context of overcoming poverty, inequality and underdevelopment

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