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SAFA presidential candidate threatened with expulsion

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RIA Ledwaba has been threatened with expulsion from SAFA, as confirmed by her legal representative on Tuesday morning, and was therefore unable to officially launch her campaign for the presidency.

Ledwaba and her team had called a press conference to launch her presidential campaign to the members of the media and guests who were in attendance at the Nelson Mandela Foundation. 

It’s understood that the association has recently come up with a rule which states that presidential candidates cannot publicly launch their campaigns without the the nominees being approved by the governance committee. This was also explained by former SAFA CEO Dennis Mumble.

“There is an election campaign with no rules and the rules are being made as we go along. SAFA has become a closed society,” Mumble said. 

Ledwaba was determined to make her address, but was advised against it, to avoid any problems regarding her bid to become president of the association.

Ledwaba’s legal representative Lerumo Thobejane explained the reason Ledwaba was unable to attend the press conference.

“It’s true that on Friday she received a circular, which was to prohibit her from holding any press conference. 

“I engaged her and she consulted with me. We went through the circular and as a lawyer, I pick my fights. I don’t advise my client if I don’t believe I am going to win the case. My advice was that we seek further clarity. I denied her the opportunity to address you on legal principal,” Thobejane said.


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