T-Pain shared this week that he just learned "about the request folder on Instagram that's full of celebs trying to reach me". PHOTO: ParadigmTalent

 T-PAIN has been having a “DM-athon” since recently learning he’s missed hundreds of messages from celebrities trying to contact him on Instagram. 

On Wednesday, the singer, 36, revealed on TikTok that he just learned “about the request folder on Instagram that’s full of celebs trying to reach me.”

“Dude is that Fergie?! Smh,” he joked in the video, which showed him looking in amazement at the long list of celebrities who have hit him up over the years. “I’ve been accidentally straight up ignoring all these people for like two years.”

“I thought DMs are supposed to just show up in the normal folder and you don’t have to go digging for all these,” he added. “I apologize to everybody on this list and the hundreds of others I couldn’t fit in this video. These are just the ones I haven’t checked and replied to.” 

In keeping with the same playful spirit, he captioned the post, “I swear!! I’m just seeing all these messages and mentions TODAY!!!!” 

“How do I super apologize? Press conference? Town hall meeting? I’m dumb🤦🏿‍♂️” he quipped.

The following day, the musician shared another video where he shed a bit more light on the situation.

“I feel like I needed to clear up some things,” he said at the start of the video, noting that his social media faux pas wasn’t because of his age.

“First of all, I’m only 36. I’m 36 years old. I’m not 50. I’m not a boomer. It’s okay, I understand. The beard has been here for a long time,” he said, before noting that he does have a social media manager, “which is literally the only reason I went back to the request folder.”

T-Pain went on to explain that he actually did look at his request folder back in the day, but it was just “thousands and thousands of messages like, ‘Can I buy you a drink?’ ‘Oh, my sister’s a bartender, can you follow her?’ “

Although he never thought about the folder again, his social media manager let him know that he was missing some messages he might want to see. 

“All these blue checks just got mixed up in that,” the musician said, noting that he wasn’t aware you could filter messages to show verified accounts. 

He also pointed out that he doesn’t spend a lot of time on any social media, nor does he get notifications on his phone about things he may have missed. “I think everybody needs to understand that,” he said.  “I learn how to post and I learn how to get the f— off of.” 

As for why he chose to make the video, the musician says he wanted to make it clear that he hadn’t been purposefully ignoring people. 

“If somebody just texted you two years after the last time you text them and they say, ‘Yo, my bad I missed your text,’ you’re gonna be like, ‘Yeah right,’ ” he said. “If somebody show you all the f—ing messages they missed from the same f–ing time period then you’ll be like, ‘Okay, you was obviously going through something for the last two years.’ ” 

“So that’s why I did that. It wasn’t that serious. I have hit back the people I felt needed the immediate response,” he added. “But yeah, I’m going on a motherf—ing DM-athon, and we’ll see who hits back. A lot of people have hit back already. You don’t really just lose interest in that.”

–        People

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