Boity Thulo has launched her own Fragrance called Boity Pink Sapphire and it smells amazing. Even Anele Mdoda is Blown away by the new Pink Sapphire Perfume.

Anele and the 947 Breakfast Club interviewed Boity on Friday and she was over the moon with her achievement. Her new perfume is manufactured in France and will be packed here in South Africa.

According to Boity, this venture has been ongoing for a year and now it’s time for the world to smell amazing with her new fragrance.

Boity also mentioned that it was easy for her to choose her fragrance as she would like to leave a mark when she walks into a room and leaves, she would like people to notice that she was once in this room.

The 947 Breakfast Club loved the perfume and we are sure the rest of the country will do too.

Boity Pink Sapphire is expected to be on the shelves very soon.



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