A DA faction is reportedly plotting to oust Maimane after elections


A faction within the DA is reportedly plotting to remove party leader Mmusi Maimane after the upcoming elections if the party fails to grow beyond 22%, according to News24.

These reports come after the resignation of DA’s policy head Gwen Ngwenya.

Ngwenya was scathing of Maimane in her resignation letter, accusing him of not giving her proper support or instructions.

Allegedly, her resignation was part of a move by a faction known as “true liberals” within the party.

These true liberals are reportedly hostile towards Maimane.

This comes after several rumours of infighting inside DA.

There have also been reports of fierce policy disagreements within the party, like whether or not to get rid of BBBEE-type programs.

However, senior DA member Phumzile Van Damme has denied this criticism, saying, “In any political space there will always be a contestation of ideas, so I do not think it is odd that we are seeing that.”

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