All-new Range Rover Evoque has played a key role behind the sales growth of the Land Rover. The model has experienced a growth of 64.1 per cent.

JAGUAR Land Rover’s on-demand car rental service The Out will be offering 9-to-5ers a theatrical escape experience to celebrate the release from lockdown and return to spontaneity.

For the “Extraction service”, designed to help people to break free from their daily routine, participants will take delivery of a new Land Rover Defender provided by The Out.

They are given a postcode of a mystery destination to enter into the satnav and along the journey, there are several scripted interceptions involving a set of “mystery” characters. Guests can expect secret rendezvous, codes to crack and unexpected diversions. Once at the final location, they will enjoy a unique experience before all participants are delivered home. 

From today (4 May) TimeOut will run a competition to win the experience on its newsletter and website, amplified by paid social media. The launch includes a master film running on The Out’s website, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook pages, as well as stills and gifs for social and digital channels. The experience will take place on 25 and 26 May.

Other.London, in partnership with the Heritage Arts Company,created the immersive experience, which aims to demonstrate the brand’s commitment to adventure and escapism.

Kyle Harman-Turner, executive creative director at Other.London said: “The ambition is to roll the extraction service out as a long-term business with The Out all powered by Jaguar Land Rover.”

The project provided a new outlet for the Heritage Arts Company theatre community which has suffered badly during the pandemic, and a platform for creative talent, including director Ntando Brown from production company Out Since Tuesday and photographer Jesse Crankson.

Aaron Cole, chief marketing officer at The Out, said: “Running a car rental business during multiple lockdowns has been a little tricky. We needed to bounce back with something a little bit special, a little different. But also a way to test out new business opportunities. So we needed an idea that would earn awareness but also act as a positioning statement for the brand. Not the easiest brief in the world.

“Break the routine is a call to action that is not just reflective of getting out after lockdown, but of any routine we can easily get stuck in. The immersive experience Other.London and Heritage Arts have created is a punchy, fun, and engaging way to highlight the benefits of The Out service. Helping people break those routine habits and escape the every day, even for a few hours – all while driving a brand-new Land Rover Defender.”

– CampaignLive

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