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Malema urges police to stop brutality

Charles Molele

EFF leader Julius Malema has called on the police officers of the SA Police Services’ Public Order Policing Unit to stop shooting, assaulting and sometimes killing protesters during service delivery protests.

The SAPS has been flagged by some human rights bodies and the IPID in the past few years for police brutality, including torture and extrajudicial killings.

Malema, speaking at the final rally of the EFF at Orlando Stadium, Soweto ahead of the general elections on Wednesday, pleaded with the police to not shoot at protesters, saying the biggest culprits were at the ANC’s headquarters, Luthuli House.

“Police officers, you must not be shooting protestors. Demanding justice and fighting are two different things. When we are marching and barricading the roads it’s because the criminals in the office are not giving us what we demand. Do not shoot at us,” said Malema.

“Police officers, it is like you do not know where the thugs are, come to me I have a list. They are in Luthuli House and in the Union Buildings. Are you looking for criminals? Go arrest former President Jacob Zuma and President Cyril Ramaphosa for the Marikana massacre. You leave the biggest thug to go around addressing in stadiums, he doesn’t belong in the Union Buildings, he belongs in the Sun City prison.”

Malema also urged EFF supporters to vote in their numbers.

“Fighters, 8 May, we are going to vote EFF. We are standing firm, we are not shaken, we will never be shaken until we restore the dignity of the black people,” said Malema.

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