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Former president Thabo Mbeki said on Wednesday after voting at the Holy Family College in Killarney, Johannesburg that he hoped voters fully applied their minds before voting for any political party.

“The important thing is to go out and vote. But I hope voters are really applying their minds when they choose a party to vote for – I am saying they must apply their minds and ask themselves what do these parties represent before voting,” said Mbeki. 

When asked by the media about who the African National Congress struggle stalwart voted for, Mbeki light-heartedly laughed before saying it is illegal to do any party campaigning when voting is underway.

“I can’t campaign for any political party today because it prohibited by the law,” said Mbeki.

Mbeki said he was impressed with the IEC’s decisiveness in dealing with issues that could threaten the smooth running of the elections.

He spoke to journalists after voting in Killarney in Johannesburg.

“Of the incidents that I’ve heard, the IEC has acted in a good way in terms of acting against those people working at the IEC who’ve clearly done something wrong. But I also think we need to pay tribute to the police service because they’ve also acted very quickly and correctly,” said Mbeki.


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