Stacey Abrams has been instrumental in tearing down barriers for Georgia voters.

AS DEMOCRATIC Party candidates Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff are inch closer to victory in the Georgia Senate run-off, know about another Democrat Stacey Abrams, who is being credited for the win.

The African-American politician, who was one of the frontrunners for the Democratic Party Vice-Presidential candidate earlier last year, is also the key architect of Joe Biden’s election win in Georgia. Democrats won the Georgia state for the first time since Bill Clinton’s 1992 victory. 

Abrams build Democratic infrastructure

Stacey Abrams’ Far Fight Action, an organisation to address voter suppression, is said to have helped build a Democratic infrastructure in the state, which played a major role in turning the southern Republican stronghold into the blue.

Abrams and her organisation have been working for years to bring together all kinds of minority voters, including Black, Latinos, Asians, to a single platform that could benefit the Democratic party.

Abrams had founded the organisation in 2018 before she lost the gubernatorial election to Brian Kemp. 

Before Far Fight Action, Abrams was contributing with her New Georgia Project to bring freshly registered voters under the Democratic party’s flag. She helped in making the Democrat voter-base large enough to flip future results.

Even before the results were out for the Georgia state Senate races, Abrams took to her official Twitter handle and thanked volunteers, organisers, canvassers for their “extraordinary” effort while campaigning for Warnock and Ossoff, indicating a win for the Democrats. 

The win for the Democrats in Georgia would mean their Senate tally increasing from 48 at the moment to 50 seats, which after being combined with Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris’ vote as Chairman of the House, gives them an edge over the Republicans, who have 50 seats as well. 

(SOURCE: Republic World)


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