Millennial couples are extending their desire for personalized experiences to the organization of their weddings. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

IF you are a millennial (aged 35 years or under, approximately) and you are planning an upcoming wedding in Seneca Falls, the chances are, personalization is something you want in your wedding celebration. 

Research published by Martech: Commerce indicates that millennials highly value customization when it comes to products and services, which makes sense considering they are also known as a meaning-centered generation.

If 2021 or 2022 will be the year of your wedding, how can you ensure that you plan your event to perfection and choose a reception venue that fully expresses your values, tastes and preferences?

Personalizing Your Wedding Attire 

Current trends in wedding attire include classic influences and garments such as vintage dresses, understated elegance, and white dresses and suits, which hark back to tradition and nostalgia. However, 2021 has also seen the rise of innovative looks.

These include transformative dresses (think detachable bows or detachable skirts that can be removed during the reception for a shorter, sexier version of the initial dress); ashes of roses-hued gowns; and wedding jumpsuits.

Just a few stores with a wide variety of styles to check out near Seneca Falls include Gee June Bridal, Two Hearts Bridal, and Stella’s Bridal Boutique.

Jewelry: Classic Or Innovative?

Brides and grooms have greater freedom when it comes to jewelry selection for weddings and engagements as well. Classic styles such as princess and emerald cut engagement rings are still in, yet so, too, are colorful gemstone engagement rings, eternity rings as wedding bands, and innovative looking engagement rings for men. 

Ring styles popular with men include those with diamonds, rings with a hammered inlay, and rings in sand blast, black metal, or rare black diamonds. The key is to opt for a ring couples truly wish to commit to: rings that are as fashionable as they are meaningful. In Seneca Falls, check out Fall Street for jewelry shops featuring classic and modern designs alike.

Couples are giving typical wedding halls a miss and going for venues that best describe their values and way of living. Popular reception venues close to home reveal the wide range of options and looks available.

For couples who enjoy rustic styles, for instance, Old Hickory Farm in Weedsport, NY is an ideal place to enjoy a countryside feast.

For those whose sporting life revolves around water, The Inns of Aurora in Aurora, NY, overlooks the pristine Cayuga Lake in the heart of Finger Lakes as does Seneca Falls Country Club on the western shore. For lovers of wine and gourmet food, a good choice is Flatt Rock Wine Cellars, where couples can take beautiful photographs by the vineyards.

The area is, indeed, home to a plethora of lakeside and nature-filled destinations that are particularly suited to a generation for whom the great outdoors has taken a whole new importance.

Millennial couples are extending their desire for personalized experiences to the organization of their weddings. The industry has woken up and taken notice, offering couples a host of different designs and styles when it comes to wedding fashion and jewelry.

Venues, too, are aware of millennials’ love of nature and their passion for sharing scenic photography on Instagram and other social media channels.

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