DA’s Maimane promises to jail corrupt politicians

Charles Molele

Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane made a promise to his supporters on Saturday – vote for the DA and corrupt politicians will be sent straight to jail.

Maimane made his pledge during the party’s colourful final rally at the Dobsonville Stadium in Soweto, just a few days before the general elections on Wednesday, 8 May. Since the launch of the party’s manifesto launch, the DA’s key message was against corruption, among others, including jobs and economy.

During his address in Soweto, Maimane focused his speech on rampant corruption in government, cognisant that this election will be won and lost on the corruption issue. The South African electorate has spoken out against corruption in government, which they see for what it is – an economic issue.

 “We will put an end to the corruption that has ruined our country and betrayed our people. Any politician or official guilty will go to jail for 15 years,” said Maimane.

“No matter if you are the president, the president’s son, a Cabinet minister or a wealthy businessman or woman, if you commit crime you will face the consequences. Unlike this government who sends their guilty to Parliament instead of jail. I say let’s use our votes to put them in prison, not Parliament.”

Maimane accused President Cyril Ramaphosa of being part of state capture and the criminal syndicate that looted the state and crippled state-owned owned enterprises.

“Cyril Ramaphosa was there, as deputy president, when the state was looted. He was there when Zuma and the Guptas were protected in vote after vote. His name is recorded in these votes as one of those who betrayed us,” said Maimane.

“This is the man who took bribe money from Bosasa and allowed his son to take their money too. He wants a country where all things are nationalized – healthcare, the Reserve Bank, pension funds. I see the coalition towards this is strong. They are already offering each other Cabinet posts. Cyril Ramaphosa is no saviour. He is part of the ANC [that] caused so much despair and suffering these past 25 years.

“And now they want another five years to loot. The ANC were once the leaders in the struggle for freedom, but today they stand directly in the way of freedom for millions of South Africans. They were once our liberators, but today we need to be liberated from them.”

Maimane added that the DA would transform the SA Police Services in order to give it more teeth through highly intensive training and necessary resources.

Maimane also vowed to reduce the size of the Cabinet.

“We cut the size of the state, reduce the Cabinet by half, and trim away all the luxuries that this ANC government has become used to, so that we can increase child grants to living grants,” said Maimane.

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