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EFF Calls for Vigilance cites Potential Sadtu interference during Registration Weekend

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Johnathan Paoli

The red berets called upon its members to be vigilant and ensure to identify any affiliates of the South African Democratic Teachers Union (SADTU), who claim to be the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) employees.

The EFF issued a statement on Tuesday, calling on all South Africans to come out in their numbers and register to vote this coming weekend.

The party said the upcoming voter registration weekend offered the youth an opportunity to participate in the electoral process and change their lives for the better.

Voting remains a critical tool in changing and shaping the lives of ordinary people, and removing incompetence, ending load-shedding and corruption, and delivering a government that will deliver services, quality education, healthcare, housing, and the creation of jobs.

One of the resolutions coming out of the EFF’s 3rd Central Elections Task Force meeting held on Monday was that all voting stations will have the presence of the EFF members, in order to ensure maximum participation in the voter registration process.

“The role of IEC employees must be given to unemployed, competent and literate individuals, not partisan individuals who have declared their interest in the outcomes of the elections,” the party said.

The party said that SADTU was unfit to be the custodians of a democratic election as they were affiliates of the ruling party and of COSATU, and have publicly declared their support for the ruling party.

Party Deputy President, Floyd Shivambu said that their work for the 2024 general elections was in full swing, with the Central Elections Task Force gearing up for voter registration this coming weekend.


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