EFF's Malema briefs media on outcomes of council meetings. PHOTO: EFFTwitter

EFF leader Julius Malema has denied that his party has entered into coalition agreement with the Democratic Alliance, saying the decision to vote in support of the DA was a tactical move made to leave the ANC out in the cold.

Malema addressed the media on Thursday following the outcomes of the inaugural council meetings across the country.

DA’s councillors Tania Campbell and Mpho Phalatse were voted in as the new mayors of the City of Ekurhuleni and the City of Johannesburg metros, respectively.

DA’s councillor Randall Williams was also re-elected as City of Tshwane mayor.

“Since when voting for someone is called a coalition, what political illiteracy is that when I vote for you then it’s a coalition? That’s too low, politically it is too low, it is not a coalition, it’s not true. Nowhere, even in the Oxford definition of the coalition, is defined the way you want to define it, there is no coalition – which coalition is going to work,” said Malema

“The DA won municipalities, without any coalition deal it ends there and we voted against the ANC, we didn’t vote for DA, we voted against the ANC. It ends there.”

He said removing the ANC from the Metros was part of levelling the playing field.

“We don’t share constituency with the DA, they are voted by racist whites. We have taken resources from the ANC now by removing them from power. Nothing magical is going to happen for the ANC until 2024,” said Malema.

“We are fighting the ANC. We are not here to revive the ANC, we are here to bury it. Even if it means we will bury it with a ghost with big teeth and horns and fire, we will vote for that ghost. As long as it is removing the ANC, we are fine with that ghost. And once we have buried the ANC, we will bring the Bible to destroy the ghost.”

Malema added that the EFF would remain in the opposition benches.

“We agree with that matric less Steenhuisen, the DA owes EFF nothing, we don’t owe DA anything. We are not going to have any meeting with the DA in the next five years talking about how to manage municipalities, we are not going to any negotiations,” said Malema.

“We are not playing any role in any government of the DA, we are an opposition, that’s what our people voted us for, what more do you want us to do? We are opposition, and we are a very unique opposition that is not driven by the desire for power.”

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