Julius Malema is often referred to as the king of the soundbite. Here are some of the EFF leader’s choicest quotes as delivered to delegates at the party’s 2nd National People’s Assembly in Nasrec Johannesburg Saturday.

On the judiciary…

“In this country there is only accountability for opponents of the incumbent. There is very little rule of law; if by the rule of law we mean the classic and principle idea that we must all be equal before the law, then some are more equal than others.”

When we appear in front of them, all of us, rich or poor, suspect or accused, must feel safe that we will get a fair hearing and treatment.

“We need them to always be above politics and ideological differences; they must speak law, nothing else, but law. The most important question to a judge is: what does the law say. Not how do I feel, No. But what is the law.”

On the media…

South African journalism has to isolate itself and really enter a great introspection about how they think, feel and report about the EFF; the evidence of their disdain of us is everywhere, and each day it is mounting.

“South African media stop being in denial; you are infiltrated by an organised, well orchestrated covert intelligence organisation which has captured many in your editorial rooms, using covertly attained information.”

“We have no problem with you. Asking us any question. “You can ask us the direction to God and we’ll show you.”

On infrastructure development…

South Africa is a country that can deliver world-class infrastructure in just a few years to host the world’s biggest sport tournament, the FIFA World Cup, yet fail to eliminate pit toilets from rural schools.

“People are employed because they are relatives of politicians or they have bribed officials to get jobs. People get business with the state, from national to local government through corrupt means.”

“They assumed they could implement solutions in South Africa that are cooked in European experiences.”

On the ANC government…

“We have said on several occasions that we have not elected families to lead this country, and we will never allow families to run this country.”

“We did everything in our power to remove their puppet and it is evident now that he was replaced with a more dangerous capitalist establishment, which is working in alliance with all white political organisations.”

“White supremacists are comfortable and happy under the current administration because their puppet is now in office and is marginalising African leadership in all strategic sectors of the economy and government.”

On EFF party colleagues…

You are going to see it when this conference finishes. Some of them are not going to be elected and they are going to start insulting the organisation after not being elected.” 

“It is so disappointing that you have a national leader of the EFF who can’t articulate EFF standpoints and vision on anything with clarity.”

“I hope this conference will not use the CCT as a dumping area for mediocre.”


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