Power in numbers: The film star insisted he wasn't here to 'preach' to others about what needs to be done, however he believes there is power in numbers and spreading a positive message to those who will listen.

IDRIS Elba has revealed he doesn’t read into criticism about himself because he believes it would make him ‘miserable’ to tackle everyone’s opinion of him.

The Luther actor, 48, admitted he is ‘sensitive’ to disapproval because he is just like everyone else, aside from the fact there is ‘more light shed’ on him due to his career choice.

Idris discussed how he answers criticisms of hypocrisy for speaking out on climate change while appearing on Liz Bonnin’s podcast What Planet Are We On? alongside his wife Sabrina Dhowre.

The film star insisted he wasn’t here to ‘preach’ to others about what needs to be done, however he believes there is power in numbers and spreading a positive message to those who will listen.

When quizzed on how he deals with the backlash from people who disagree with his comments, he said: ‘I tend to be a lot more sensitive to it so therefore I don’t read it. I try to stay away from it. 

And the reason I’m sensitive to it is because I don’t feel different to anyone. I just happen to be in an industry that sheds a lot more light on me. 

‘And then my value system my personal life gets brought up into that and I’m just an entertainer. And if I tackled everyone that criticised me, I just would have a miserable life’. 

He continued: ‘And ultimately as long as I feel that I’m just leading with my best foot forward, I’m not here to preach, I’m not here to tell you what I think needs to be done. 

‘But I think there is power with volume sometimes and we bring that. And if we can have one tweet that sends the right message and if 500 people get it and 10 of those people hate me for it but 450 go “I kind of dig that” or ‘you taught me something” or “I looked into that a bit more further”. Job done.’ 

Idris and Sabrina also spoke about the importance of tackling climate change and hoping to build a better world for their future children.

Actress Sabrina, 31, revealed her plans to have kids with her husband and bring them into a world which won’t be ‘destroyed’ in years to come, as they hope to do all they can to tackle climate change now. 

While they discussed the impact of global warning on a worldwide scale, Sabrina also touched on what it meant to them personally as a couple, as they hope to maintain the planet for future generations

Sabrina said: ‘We’ve just got married, I want to have children one day and bring them into a world which I don’t think will be destroyed in the coming years and having that sense of responsibility on us…

‘Looking for programmes where we can help Africa and knowing how much climate change affects the people there, IFAD is a really great programme that does both things, it takes care of the food systems which we all know we need but also does it in a way which is strategic to the climate, that can keep those systems going’.

Idris also admitted he hopes for a better future for his children, including his six-year-old son Winston, who he shares with ex-girlfriend Naiyana Gar

He said: ‘My son is 6 years old and I want him to know Daddy went to Sierra Leone to look at agriculture. What’s agriculture Daddy? Well it’s a way of growing food. It’s way of looking after our world. And if we look after our world, it will supply us back. 

‘And that is something we should leave with the next generation. Even if it’s just not that everyone is going to be a great farmer but it’s the understanding of the food chain and food supply. That is really important.’



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