Supporters of fmr. Bolivian Pres. Evo Morales

SACP Condemns ‘Imperialist-Driven Coup’ In Bolivia

Riyaz Patel

Riyaz Patel

The South African Communist Party (SACP) has condemned what it terms “the imperialist-driven coup in the Plurinational State of Bolivia,” following the forced resignation of the country’s first indigenous leader Evo Morales.

The former president has since tweeted that he had left for Mexico where he has been granted asylum.

“This coup amounts to a suppression of the Bolivian people’s right to national sovereignty and self-determination,” the SACP said in a strongly worded statement.

The Party said Morales had markedly improved the lives of his people, ensuring “freedom and self-sustenance.”

It added that Morales had overseen the radical upliftment of Bolivians and continued to mobilise the people in the struggle against imperialism.

“His practical interpretation of democracy as the further economic and social development of the people as a whole, and not merely a few rich elites, clearly troubled the bourgeoisie and imperialist forces, the confessed architects of the coup.”

“Morales’ contribution to the anti-imperialist struggle provided, and will definitely continue to provide, much needed protection to the entire Latin American region against political, economic and military aggression by the imperialists.”

The SACP said it will continue to wage the internationalist struggle against imperialism.

“The intensification of imperialist aggression in Latin America should be seen as one of the signs of the imperialists to treat the people as nothing but their slaves.”

Before the coup, the SACP said, President Morales was making preparations for fresh election to be held.

“The democratic, credible, free and fair election must happen.”

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President Morales’ right to stand as the Movement’s Presidential candidate, as the choice of the people, must be fully protected, the SACP said.  

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