The City Press reports that Hebert Msagala, a former Transnet Capital Projects Executive, has lost 35 cars and many properties after they were attached by the Hawks.

THE Special Investigating Unit (SIU) has seized 35 vehicles, several upmarket properties, and a farm from former Transnet Capital Projects executive Herbert Msagala and his family, according to a report by the City Press.

Vehicles seized by the SIU included SUVs, sedans, bakkies, and an Italian sports car, while the properties comprised upmarket homes in gated communities.

This action was taken on the order of the Special Tribunal, which prohibited Msagala, his family members, and trustees of his family trust from disposing of the listed properties.

The Tribunal believes that these assets are the proceeds of criminal activity, stating that Msagala had allegedly engaged in corrupt activities in 2015 and 2016, when he was a senior executive at Transnet.

These activities allegedly involved contracts with IGC Consulting and saw Msagala receive more than R18 million in “secret profits” made at the expense of Transnet.

Corruption investigations at Eskom and the SABC

The SIU has been active in its investigation of corruption at state-owned entities, issuing a summons to former Eskom executives earlier this month to recover R3.8 billion in lost funds.

Eskom said the funds were lost in a concerted effort to corruptly divert financial resources from the company.

This was done to improperly and illegally benefit the Gupta family and entities controlled by them and their associates during their 2015-16 acquisition of the operations of Optimum Coal.

Eskom said all the former executives and board members breached their fiduciary duty of care and good faith to Eskom.

These executives and board members allegedly conspired with the Guptas over a six-year period to exploit state-owned entities for the latter’s benefit.

Among the 12 defendants were former Eskom board members, Gupta family members, their associates, and others.

Concerns have also been raised over potential corruption at the SABC, with the DA stating that the SIU should provide an update on the investigation into corruption at the state broadcaster.

DA shadow minister of communications Marian Shinn has called for the SIU to conduct a report on the status of its investigation into SABC corruption.

The shadow minister said she would also ask for the Auditor General and the National Treasury to provide an update on the state of governance at the SABC and its progress in meeting its loan obligations.

Shinn said that the fight, which has split the broadcaster’s board had drawn Communications minister Dina Pule into the fray as she motivates for the re-instatement of disgraced chief operating officer, Hlaudi Motsoeneng. “It has also been revealed that an attorney briefed to investigate fresh corruption at the SABC has been disbarred.”

Shinn said that it is essential that the committee – and the South African public – are given categoric information, untainted by political and personal interests, on the SABC in order to better determine the public broadcaster’s future.



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