Courts Have Taken Over Political Leadership – Cosatu 1st Deputy President Mike Shingange

Riyaz Patel

The political leadership vacuum created by the ANC-led alliance had forced South Africans to rely on courts of law for relief, Cosatu first deputy president Mike Shingange told the SACP’s 98th anniversary celebrations in Ermelo, Mpumalanga.

He said it was not surprising that there had been elements who were unwilling to reconfigure the alliance, adding that the contestations within the alliance harmed more than just the political formations.

“Everybody who has a grievance against whoever can’t run to a political leadership that is co-ordinated by an ANC-headed alliance. They think that their only relief is courts,” he said.

“Courts have taken over the political leadership that has been left in this country. The struggle to unite the alliance must continue,” he said.

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