Veganism is a lifestyle and philosophy that involves a complete rejection of animal products.


FOR the freedom from the crisis of Corona epidemic, the eyes of the entire world are resting on India, the world’s trust in India’s culture and lifestyle is increasing. Because the basic values of life like yoga, non-violence, co-existence, vegetarianism, morality, moderation etc., have evolved on the soil of this country.

Jainism and its philosophy, especially in India have emerged as a solution in the current crisis of Corona, Jain muni bandage (muhpatti) on the mouth, which is embracing the whole world as a mask today.

Social distance (isolation), isolation, and quarantine (solitude) are integral parts of the life of Jain monks and seekers today, becoming a strong base for corona liberation for the world.

The prohibition of non-vegetarianism and alcoholism is also the basis of Jain lifestyle, whose increasing practice is the fundamental truth of freedom from corona catastrophe.

The attitude towards meat is also changing; the world has become careful about the bad consequences of taking meat. It seems that the prevalence of vegetarianism will increase rapidly because even the COVID-19 virus, which has now caught the whole world, owes to the same carnivorous habit like many pandemics that spread in the last century.

Not only in India but in the world, due to the Corona epidemic, the urge to adopt vegetarianism will see unprecedented growth, as the trend for people to adopt vegetarianism started increasing even before the corona epidemic.

According to a survey conducted by the global research company Ipsos, before the Corona epidemic, 63 per cent of Indians were adopting vegetarianism instead of non-vegetarian food in their food; in the US one and a half million people became vegetarian.

Ten-and-a-half per cent of the population of the Netherlands were vegetarian ten years ago, while currently five per cent of the people there are vegetarian. According to the well-known Gallup poll, three thousand people were becoming vegetarian every week in England.

Before Corona struck there, more than twenty five million people have become vegetarian. The shortness of life due to increasing diseases forced humans to adopt vegetarianism and now the big truth of the corona epidemic is that vegetarianism is an advanced lifestyle, safe diet, basis of healthy life.

Not only intellectuals but common people too have started considering vegetarian life system as more modern, progressive and scientific and they feel proud to call themselves vegetarian. Corona has further reinforced their thinking.

A balanced diet consisting of fruits, flowers, vegetables, different types of pulses, seeds and milk products etc., does not produce any toxic elements in the food and enables it to fight the corona virus. The main reason for this is that when an animal is killed it becomes a dead substance. This does not apply with vegetables. If a vegetable is cut in half and buried in the ground, then it will be produced again as a vegetable tree. Because it is a living substance. But this cannot be said for a sheep, lamb or a rooster.

Other specific discoveries have also revealed that when an animal is killed, it becomes so frightened that toxic elements emanating from the fear are spread all over its body, and those poisonous elements are in the form of meat from the bodies of those individuals. In those who eat them, and such people are more prone to fear of corona, their immunity is weak.

Our bodies are not capable of completely removing those poisonous elements. The result is that high blood pressure, heart and kidney disease, etc., engages carnivores quickly. Therefore, to get control of the corona epidemic, it is absolutely necessary that in terms of health, we should remain completely vegetarian. Nature has made man vegetarian by nature. No labourer is a carnivore, be it horse or camel, bull or elephant. Then why are humans taking the risk of causing worldwide diseases, deformities and corona epidemics by eating carnivores contrary to their nature?

Mark Rowlands, professor of philosophy at Miami University and author of books such as ‘Philosopher and the Wolf’ and ‘Animals Like Us’, has warned the world through his research on consciousness and animal rights that carnivorous corona may bring worse consequences than the epidemic will.

They say that I think, people need to understand how much they have lost their lives by eating meat. It is not only increasing cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes and obesity, but is also causing many environmental problems, which is felt worldwide. Due to the carnivores, forests are being cut in a big way and a great crisis is being created for the earth.

A carnivore produces vindictive traits that make a person cruel and violent, reducing his body’s immunity and making him prone to ailments like coronas, blood pressure and heart disease, making his breathing and sweat double.

He is prone to deformities like anger, desire and pleasure. It is also said that the food should be eaten as it is. The fear and tragedy that takes place in the eyes of a creature bitten for being a carnivore, it reaches into the arteries of the eater in its blood and makes it even brusque and cruel. It defeats his confidence.



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